NEW Laboratory and Medical Equipment Logistics

dreamscience can take care of your laboratory logistics...

Let dreamscience handle your laboratory or medical equipment safely and securely, dreamscience Lab Logistics offer a full range of delivery schedules and handling facilities.

Based at our central logistics storage yard in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire we are ideally located to receive your goods and distribute them while you take advantage of our highly specialised and professional attitude.

dreamscience can clear your lab regardless of size...

Our packaging staff include PhD trained physicists - every item is packed with the benefit of this knowledge!

dreamscience logistics, package and relocate your laboratory and medical equipment and deliver worldwide. From small parcels to shipping containers, dreamscience logistics move your goods.

Bought or sold items at auction or online?

dreamscience can take care of your laboratory logistics...

dreamscience logistics offer a complete asset relocation service.

  • Bought auction items online or at auction and need shipping
  • Relocating your laboratory / facility
  • Downsizing your operation
  • WEEE recycling

dreamscience can take care of your laboratory logistics...


Pickup pools are a way of grouping together to move items bought at auction with a shared cost. How? For example if 3 buyers in the London area successfully bid on items in an auction held in Yorkshire, then that could potentially mean three shipping costs.

Using our pickup pool you can contact other buyers from your area who have won items in the same auction as you, contact each other and arrange to send one courier or van to collect the items. Once the items are returned to your local area then you meet up to collect your goods. Using the pickup pool saves you all hiring couriers, try it for yourself!

We have pickup pools currently running for the following auctions:

Go Dove Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Pick Up Pool 14736 CLICK HERE
Go Dove Pharmaceutical and Toiletries Process and Packaging 2010 Sale 5 Pick Up Pool 14762 CLICK HERE
Go Dove European Biopharma Exchange 258 Pick Up Pool BP258 CLICK HERE

You will need a username and password for these areas: Username: pickup Password: pool2010

Full instructions are provided on the webpage, so take a look and see if you can save some money on your shipping costs!



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