Thermo Evolution Spectrometer parts

Price: £ 195.00
Quantity: 1
Condition: Used - A1
Delivery: Deliver or Collect
Vendor: Mr. Tony Harrison
Location: Wigan, England

Here is a selection of parts for a Thermo Evolution Spectrophotometer models 300/600. There is a CVC (Calibration Validation carousel) in a box with a rubber dust blower and a 4GB memory stick which I suspect has the calibration info on it. This is also suitable for the Helios range. The calibration date is 19/01/2012 but since it hasn't been used then I suspect this calibration is still good. The Smart Thermostatted rotary 7 cell changer comes with it as does a manual cell holder for the long pathlength rectangular cells. All these items are new and unused. There is also a CD containing the user and operating manual for this spectrophotometer and the others in the range. The total value of these parts is a few thousand pounds so here is a great bargain if you use or maintain these spectrophotometers.

Vendor Information

Mr. Tony Harrison

Mr. Tony Harrison

Company: CE Instruments Ltd
Location: Wigan, England
Telephone: +44 (0)1942 733362

We take many trade-ins and so we have some real bargains to offer. If you want to buy new then we are always interested to talk.

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